Satisfactory is not good enough for city's schools

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ALMOST half of Portsmouth's schools don't come up to scratch.

Portsmouth City Council has adopted Ofsted's mantra that satisfactory is no longer good enough and that every school should be good or outstanding.

Under the old ratings system, only two schools judged inadequate would have warranted concern.

But now 29 of 63 city schools rated satisfactory in their last inspections are no longer good enough.

Of those, some may receive additional monitoring or short periods of intense support from the city council's school improvement team.

And every city school will now be reviewed more frequently.

Isambard Brunel Junior School in North End was rated satisfactory by Ofsted in 2008, but its last set of published Sats results in 2008 were in line with national averages.

Headteacher Iain Gilmour said their results dipped this year and the school is receiving support including having an experienced teacher working alongside a younger colleague in the classroom.

Mr Gilmour is not against the re-classification of schools, but thinks it doesn't convey the right message.

He said: 'If I didn't believe my school will be a good or better school then I shouldn't be in the job. We have to raise the bar and accept the challenge.'

Sats results at Lyndhurst Junior School in North End are also in line with national averages, but it was rated satisfactory by Ofsted in 2008 with unsatisfactory behaviour in the playground highlighted.

At the time half of the playground was being rebuilt.

Headteacher Margaret Beel said: 'You can be good in every aspect but being satisfactory in one area can bring you down overall.

'Every headteacher wants the best for their children. But there are some headteachers of good and outstanding schools who are concerned their good work will be overlooked because pupils progress or another area of achievement may not be as high.'

Councillor John Ireland, who is in charge of education in the city, said: 'Schools will be reviewed more frequently so they will have to be much more on their toes.

'They can't rest on their laurels with a satisfactory rating.

'But I think headteachers will relish the challenge being put before them.'


Springfield School (2009)

Meon Infant School (2009)

St Swithun's Catholic Primary (2009)

St John's Cathedral Catholic Primary School (2008)

Copnor Infant School (2007)


Admiral Lord Nelson School (2008)

Priory School (2008)

City of Portsmouth Girls' School (2008)

Southsea Infant School (2009)

Gatcombe Park Primary School (2009)

Meon Junior School (2009)

St Paul's Catholic Primary School (2009)

Penhale Infant School (2009)

Medina Primary School (2008)

Court Lane Infant School (2008)

Wimborne Junior School (2008)

Goldsmith Infant School (2008)

Stamshaw Infant School (2008)

Milton Park Infant School (2008)

Northern Parade Infant School (2008)

College Park Infant School (2008)

Flying Bull Primary School (2008)

Charles Dickens Infant School (2008)

Solent Infant School (2008)

Copnor Junior School (2008)

St Jude's CofE Primary School (2007)

Solent Junior School (2007)

Craneswater Junior School (2007)

Saxon Shore Infant School


Court Lane Junior School (2007)

Manor Infant School (2007)

Westfield Junior School (2006)


St Edmund's Catholic School (2009)

Mayfield School (2009)

City of Portsmouth Boys' School (2008)

King Richard School (2006)

Miltoncross School (2007)

St Luke's CofE School (now Charter Academy (2007)

Devonshire Infant School (2009)

Meredith Infant School (2009)

Isambard Brunel Junior School (2008)

Lyndhurst Junior School (2008)

Wimborne Infant School (2008)

Newbridge Junior School (2007)

Milton Park Junior School (2008)

Moorings Way Infant School (2008)

Langstone Junior School (2008)

Paulsgrove Primary School (2008)

Westover Primary School (2008)

Cumberland Infant School (2008)

Langstone Infant School (2008)

Arundel Court Infant School (2008)

Portsdown Primary School (2008)

Highbury Primary School (2008)

St George's Beneficial CofE Primary School (2008)

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School (2007)

Northern Parade Junior School (2007)

Stamshaw Junior School (2007)

Charles Dickens Junior School (2007)

Fernhurst Junior School (2006)

Arundel Court Junior School (2006)


Somers Park Primary School (2009)

Cottage Grove Primary School (2009)

Year in brackets is when report was done