Scarlett loses her locks to help other children

Scarlett Toner, 5, before getting her hair cut for charity.
Scarlett Toner, 5, before getting her hair cut for charity.
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Getting her hair cut for charity is something Scarlett Toner wants to do again and again.

The five-year-old decided to get rid of her long locks to donate the hair to the Little Princess Trust – a charity which makes wigs for poorly children.

But she doesn’t want to do it just once. When it gets long enough, Scarlett wants to face the chop again.

The Horndean Infant School pupil says: ‘I was a bit nervous before I got it done but I was excited too.

‘I couldn’t wait and I really like my new hair. My friends at school like it too.

‘It’s a lot shorter and now I am going to grow it as long as Rapunzel. Then I can cut if off again.’

Scarlett got the idea to cut her hair because her Aunt Jessica did it recently. Mum Jemima said she was really proud of her for doing it.

Jemima, from Waterlooville, adds: ‘Scarlett has always had long hair, but around four weeks ago she said she wanted to get it cut.

‘So I suggested she do it for charity like my sister did.

‘She thought it was a good idea, so we started to organise it.

‘I’m really proud of her. Scarlett got her hair cut for free at Gino’s Bambino’s - a hairdressers in Waterlooville.’

Jemima adds: ‘Scarlett was excited to get her hair cut at the salon because normally she just gets a trim from my mum. So she was looking forward to a professional cut.

‘Now she looks like a totally different little girl.’

Scarlett is also raising money to pay for a wig.

She has got support from her friends and family to raise the £350 needed.

To make a donation visit