Scas warns inappropriate calls to 999 are risking lives

999 has received inappropriate calls
999 has received inappropriate calls
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UNNECESSARY calls to ambulance services are putting lives at risk.

That is the message from South Central Ambulance Service (Scas) as the 999 phoneline celebrated 80 years today.

As part of the anniversary, BT released some of the unnecessary calls made to 999 including someone’s laptop not working, a man who had lost his pyjamas and a takeaway taken to the wrong address.

Crew members for Scas said they too have received inappropriate calls such as people not having money for a taxi, mobile phones not having credit and people having a cold and blocked nose.

Mark Ainsworth, director of operations, said: ‘Misuse of the ambulance service can take vital resources away from people in serious or life threatening situations. If you or someone with you is having a serious medical situation you want to know emergency care is with you as soon as possible.

‘However over the years we have been to situations where our expert services have not been required.’