Scheme helps end long three-year hunt for job

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DENISE Parry suffered from depression during her three year hunt for a job after she was made redundant.

But now the experienced 56-year-old former commercial property manager, of Gosport, has landed a new job.

JOB Denise Parry was out of work for three years but now has work. Picture: Allan Hutchings (132265-093)

JOB Denise Parry was out of work for three years but now has work. Picture: Allan Hutchings (132265-093)

She turned to the National Careers Service for help and is now an internal temp at a local authority.

She said: ‘I found I was getting to interview with a younger candidate and I was always being overlooked.

‘If it happens more than once then you begin to wonder. I went to quite a lot of interviews, probably around eight or nine.

‘When I left college I had 11 jobs to choose from back in the 80s, I’m not used to not getting what I’ve gone for.

‘I put 100 per cent into everything.’

Denise took a couple of months to lick her wounds after she was unexpectedly made redundant in 2010 but apart from that spent three years applying for jobs.

It took help from National Careers Service adviser Nicola Freeman to help Denise, who volunteers at various groups, on her way.

Nicola helped boost Denise‘s confidence at an executive job club and helped improve her CV.

With a spring in her step after a morning session at the club, Denise went straight to an interview.

She did not get that one but did get down to the final interview stage and had more confidence for the future.

Denise, who moved to Gosport in 2011, sent out speculative job applications with her revamped CV, before landing her brand new job in May this year.

She added: ‘Not long after I did the sessions with Nicola, I decided to take her advice.

‘I changed my CV completely to a skills-based one and make speculative applications.

‘And it was one of those that paid off, probably about six months later.’

With her job secured, Denise has nothing but praise for Nicola and the scheme.

Nicola said: ‘I can see why she got to the place she was at.

‘I tell most of my clients, whoever they are, from whatever demographic, it’s about project managing your hunt.

‘People get so into their job hunting eight hours a day they forget all the other means and ways, like volunteering.’