Scheme to tackle sticky problem of chewing gum in Gosport

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A CRACKDOWN on chewing gum litter could help eliminate sticky mess from a town centre.

Gosport Borough Council has joined forces with the Chewing Gum Action Group (CGAG) to raise awareness of the problem of gum litter.

The council also wants to remind litterbugs they face a £75 fine for dropping gum in the street.

Council officers have been handing out free gum disposal wraps in Gosport’s High Street.

Adverts paid for by the chewing gum industry will be displayed around the town, reminding people to bin their chewing gum or risk a fine.

Councillor Graham Burgess, chairman of the town’s community board, said: ‘Chewing gum litter is a significant and costly problem for us. By partnering with CGAG we aim to raise awareness of the issue and to encourage residents to take action.

‘We hope this will challenge the gum chewers out there to rethink how they dispose of their gum and to understand that it’s their responsibility to bin their gum.

‘If they don’t, they could receive a fine.

‘By doing this we hope to see improvements in both the appearance of our town and the cost savings in having to clear up the mess.’

A similar scheme run in the town last year saw gum disposal boards put up in the town for people to stick their used gum.

Nine out of ten sites saw litter reduced, and across the town there was 69 per cent less chewing gum waste.