School celebrates after hard work pays off in latest Ofsted report

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A school is celebrating after lifting itself from satisfactory to good in its latest Ofsted report.

Inspectors were sufficiently impressed with what they saw at Crofton School in Marks Road, Stubbington, to award the improved grade.

And the secondary's school's 1,080 pupils were often singled out for praise, scoring several top outstanding grades.

Matthew Leeming arrived as headteacher at the school shortly before the last Ofsted inspection in February 2008.

He said: 'That was the first time there had been an Ofsted inspection since 2001 and the satisfactory mark was a real shock.

'The judgement this time around has given the school a real boost.

'Staff took the last ofsted very seriously and somewhat to heart and have been very anxious to do better.

'There's a real spring in their steps - they're encouraged and energised - it's just what they needed.'

Following the last report, particular emphasis has been placed on improving teaching and learning and teachers sharing good practice to draw on each others' strengths.

Mr Leeming said: 'We had been working tirelessly to make sure next time Ofsted came they would see an improvement.

'Now we're absolutely determined that at the next one we will be outstanding across the board.'

Part of the report said that much of the teaching is good and while some is outstanding, about a quarter is satisfactory.

It has set a goal of 90 per cent of lessons to be good or better by July 2011.

The report also stated: 'Students' understanding of social and moral issues is very strong, contributes highly to the extremely positive ethos in the school and is demonstrated through their outstanding behaviour.'

Mr Leeming added: 'The thing I'm most happy with is how well the students have come out of this.

'The students that come to our school are exceptionally impressive people.'

And the number of parents who responded to the Ofsted questionnaire was also high - with 507 returns, with a large majority being very supportive.

'The inspectors said the number of returns was some kind of record.

'I think that shows how seriously our parents take their children's education,' Mr Leeming said.