Science club is back in Portsmouth with a bang for 2014

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PORTSMOUTH Cafe Scientifique will hold its first meeting of the new year next Tuesday at Le Café Parisien in Lord Montgomery Way.

The speaker will be Alice Sheppard, a ‘citizen scientist’ who has helped thousands of ordinary people sort through galaxies in the universe, many of which had never been seen before by human eyes.

Entitled Finding Peas In Space: Galaxy Zoo and Citizen Science Alice will explain what the Galaxy Zoo project is all about.

Galaxy Zoo was developed when robotic telescopes acquired more data than professional scientists could analyse on their own and the general public was asked to get involved.

Café Scientifique is free and open to anyone who wants to learn more about science topics.

It has been a feature in the Portsmouth’s cultural calendar since 2006 and is organised by the University of Portsmouth. The session will start at 8pm.