Scout hut woe means Gosport group needs £12,000

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SCOUTS in Gosport were supposed to be settling into their new hut by now.

But the building they were hoping to take over has proved to be too rotten for them to use.

As reported in The News, the 6th Gosport Air Scouts were thrilled to find a new hut to replace their ageing headquarters in Acorn Close, Rowner.

The only snag was that the building was 50 miles away in West Parley, Dorset.

But after raising enough money to pay for the transportation of the hut, they arrived in Dorset to find it was in a worse condition than they thought. Now they are left with a choice between repairing the hut for £10,000 or buying a new one for £12,000.

Lisa Reade, from the Air Scouts, said: ‘We went down there and took it apart and everything was going well.

‘But it was clear there was a lot more damage than we thought.

‘We had it surveyed beforehand but it was covered in cladding.

‘And it became obvious it was not quite what we wanted it to be.’

The group has spent £2,000 on the Dorset hut but has cut its losses and is looking to buying a new one. They have £6,000 but need to double that amount to afford a new hut.

Lisa added: ‘We had two options, to repair the old hut or buy a new one.

‘Repairs would have cost £10,000 and a new one would be £12,000. It was a no-brainer really.’

The Scouts will carry out a number of fundraising activities are asking for donations.

Lisa is abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower today to help raise money for the fund.

She is also taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge – where people attempt to climb the highest mountains of Scotland, England and Wales in 24 hours.

If you would like to donate call Lisa on 07921 556483.