Search for best peace poster is launched by Portsmouth Lions

The winning team - from left: Oscar, Benjamin, Rain and Alex

Towering ideas as Southsea school pupils take on challenge

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CHILDREN are being invited to take part in an art competition to promote the message of world peace.

This year’s Lions Peace Poster contest, which is being run by the Portsmouth Lions, has the theme Children Know Peace.

Artists must be aged 11 to 13 to enter the competition. The winning entry will go on to a district level, and from there could be voted an international winner.

James McGregor, of the Lions, said: ‘This is an opportunity to encourage young people to think about the importance of world peace and to pass it on.

‘We are encouraging these young people to share their unique visions with the world through pictures.’

Posters must be no smaller than 33cm by 50cm and no larger than 50cm by 60cm, participants are being asked to keep to these sizes, otherwise entries will be disqualified.

Deadline for entries is Monday, October 31 and should be sent to Portsmouth Lions, 40 Wallace Road, Copnor, PO2 7LA.