See bold and vibrant works by Stephan Geisler at Jack House Gallery

Felix by Stephan Geisler
Felix by Stephan Geisler
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A ‘blissful life compulsion’ is how Stephan Geisler describes making paintings and this show of artworks by the prolific German artist is testimony to that driving need to make and make and make some more.

His works are on display in an exhibition at Jack House Gallery in High Street, Old Portsmouth through to November 28.

These works are vibrant, energetic, powerful and uncompromising. Using bold drawn paint, texture and graphics Stephan depicts people, flowers, animals all with equal verve and vitality. His art is a spontaneous genial grab at life.

Gallery curator Rebecca Crow says: ‘I met Stephan when I was working at a gallery in Dubai and he was having an exhibition there.

‘He also got to know Amartey Golding – who was the first artist we put on here when we opened – and the three of us kept in touch.

‘He was one of the first people I contacted about putting an exhibition on here.

‘He works on such an enormous scale, these ones we’ve got here in the gallery are for him, quite small. The new pieces he’s working on are about four metres square.’

To bring the works over, Stephan rolled them up, loaded them in his Mini and then rehung them when he got here.

‘Stephan’s been exhibited internationally, but this is definitely the first time he’s been shown in Portsmouth. These pieces really need to be seen – he used mixed media so there’s everything in there, magazines, fabric, all sorts of things.

‘Stephan doesn’t intellectualise about what he does, he just loves to create.’

The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-6pm.