Sending a message to would-be thiefs

CO-OPERATION Sgt Lesley Meenaghan believes the police and community are working well together.
CO-OPERATION Sgt Lesley Meenaghan believes the police and community are working well together.
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Sergeant Lesley Meenaghan, of the local policing team for Gosport, reports on the partnership between the police and the community

The community are ensuring criminals are being watched.

Residents are reporting any suspicious activity at the time the incident has occurred.

Local people in the majority of cases are not waiting until the next day to report potential criminal activity.

We routinely receive calls from local citizens reporting suspicious individuals trying car door handles, looking over back gates of properties and entering buildings.

As a result of a member of the community being alert and making that call, offenders have been arrested and charged.

In some cases offenders have received prison sentences.

For example, a man was spotted by a local resident trying the car door handles of every car in the road.

He gained access into the resident’s car. The resident phoned the police straight-away.

As a result of the call, the offender was arrested and committed to prison for three months.

The police are working with partners and neighbourhood watch schemes to ensure the community are kept up to date with current crime trends.

We have had a good rate of success reuniting owners with their lost property, locating missing persons and identifying offenders.

The Gosport Neighbourhood Watch Facebook is updated with relevant, timely messages.

Gosport neighbourhood policing team are actively encouraging the local community to sign up to Hampshire community alerts:

Hampshire Alert is a free web-based system which the public can sign up to and which allows them to choose what information they want to receive and what format they want to receive it in – email, text or phone message – so the alert is personal to them.

It’s free to join and receive messages so it’s a really good way to keep people informed.

I would ask local residents to continue to be vigilant.

Please continue to report any suspicious incidents immediately.

By making that call the local community are sending a very clear message to the would-be thief: ‘This is our town – you are not welcome.’

For more information about Hampshire Alert and further crime prevention advice please visit hampshire or