Sewage leaks onto Hayling Island street

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SEWAGE spilled on to a street after this week’s heavy rain.

Many residents of Ferry Road, Hayling Island, called Southern Water to complain.

The water company sent out engineers at 5.50pm yesterday.

They discovered there was a blockage in the sewer which was causing an overflow.

The blockage was cleared and the street was cleaned by 7pm.

A Southern Water spokeswoman said: ‘We were contacted by many customers to say that they were having problems with their drainage and sewers. We sent out a team of contractors to the site to establish what the problem was.

‘They discovered it was a blockage in the system, which could have been caused by a build-up of items in the sewers which had been thrown down toilets or sinks, things like wet wipes, cotton buds or fat.

‘We appreciate that something like this is extremely distressing for customers and we are sorry it happened.’