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Michelle Gibbs, artist and tutor at the Omega Centre in Portsmouth, offers tips on how to become more creative

Many people think being creative is a natural talent, but I’m here to set the record straight.

While being creative may come more naturally to some than others, for many it’s years of hard work, determination and practice, practice, practice!

The journey to creativity can be of mixed emotions. As a painter I know only too well how frustrating it can be when your painting isn’t going to plan.

However, when you get those light bulb or ah ha moments when something clicks and your creative practice changes as a result, it’s extremely rewarding and makes all your hard work worthwhile.

So what do you need in order to be creative?

Determination and motivation is an essential ingredient for creativity. I often hear people say ‘I can’t draw a straight line’ and perhaps that’s true, but with a little determination and persistence you could draw an entire building if you wanted to.

Try and not get down-hearted when something goes wrong. You’ll learn more from your mistakes than you will if things go right first time.

Mistakes teach us valuable lessons. Set aside time each day/week for you and your creativity.

Workshops are great because you’ve set that time aside. It’s so easy to find other things to do when you just try and grab an hour here and there, you need to give yourself enough time to really get going. If you can make a little area at home to set up a workspace, you’ll find it easier to get going and make time without having to think about setting everything up and packing away at the end.

I appreciate room can be limited but even the smallest space will help.

We all love peace and quiet with our own thoughts and it is essential to your creativity, but try and surround yourself with creative minds to bounce ideas off, visit galleries with and to share your creative highs and lows.

You will learn plenty from your peers as you watch their creative practice grow alongside your own.

Consider the above and you are already half way to becoming a more creative person. Enjoy the journey!

n Michelle Gibbs has her own business Art2Arts selling artwork nationally as well as being a full time artist and tutor, running workshops from her studio at the Omega Centre in Portsmouth. For more online tips visit or to view Michelle’s artwork go to