Shingle sea defences are built up

Dredging off Hayling Island
Dredging off Hayling Island
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A BEACH is being built up to protect 1,700 homes.

Havant Borough Council dredged the approach channel to Chichester Harbour and replenished the shingle beach at the Eastoke Frontage on Hayling Island, with work due to finish early this morning.

Building up the shingle beach is vital for the coastline because the beach is the main line of defence against erosion, flooding and other coastal processes. While the dredging took place over three days, the beach recycling and nourishment works are expected to go on for three weeks.

The programme, funded by the Environment Agency through a Flood Defence Grant in Aid, will protect 1,700 homes on Hayling Island, as the beach will take the energy from waves.

The council’s coastal engineer Caroline Timlett said: ‘The shingle beach along Eastoke is the primary line of defence against erosion and flooding, however coastal processes are constantly eroding it. Without intervention, the densely populated area of Eastoke would quickly become vulnerable.’