Shipping information for Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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Ruby Antoine. Picture: Hertfordshire Police

Teenage girl with links to Portsmouth is missing

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The latest movements for the ports of Portsmouth and Southampton.


HMS Smiter (out 0830, in 1600).


Benguela Stream (out pm); Jamila (in 1000); Baker Trayte Asne (out 0645); Armorique (out 2030); Commodore Clipper (in 0600, out 0900); Mont St Michel (in 0630, out 0815, in 2100, out 2245); Normandie (in 1300, out 1445); Commodore Goodwill (in 1615, out 1930); Norman Voyager (in 2115, out 2300).


NYK Hercules (in 0450); CMA CGM Mozart (in 0600, out 2200); Hurst Point (in 0600); Auto Bay (in 0630, out 2100); Integrity (in 0630, out 2100); Gran Bretagna (in 1100, out 2300); Deo Gloria (in am, out pm); Stolt Puffin (in am); CMA CGM Columba (in 1430); Wild Peony (in 1630); OOCL Kaohsiung (in 2100); Grande Anversa (in 2230); Ashleigh R (in pm); Bro Agnes (in pm); Cliffwater (in pm); Dutch Aquamarine (in pm); Energy Panther (in pm); Levana (in pm); Petalouda (in pm); Sea Melody (in and out, pm); Smeraldo (out am); Huelin Dispatch (out 1730); HAV Zander (out 1900).