Shocking CCTV shows teenager risking his life on rail line

  • Youth pictured sprawled on tracks at Woolston station in Hampshire
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Shocking video shows a teenager sprawled on a rail line in a potentially-fatal prank.

The youth is seen sprawled on the tracks with his head apparently resting on a high voltage electrified rail on the Portsmouth-Southampton main line.

British Transport Police say the footage shows he pulled the stunt just after a train passed.

They say he was fortunate that the 750volt live rail had been switched off for overnight engineering works - or he would have been electrocuted.

Police said they released the CCTV footage in a bid to track down the teenager and as a warning to others of the dangers of tresspassing on the railway.

BTP say the teenager was among a group of four youths captured by CCTV on Woolston Station in Southampton at 5.12am on Saturday, August 2,

If the power had been on, I have no doubt we would be dealing with a fatality

Sergeant Alisar Kennerley

Cameras caught the youths playing on the tracks.

Sergeant Alisar Kennerley of British Transport Police said: ‘Luckily for them, all power was switched off due to overnight engineering works. However, there would have been no way of them knowing this, making their behaviour even more concerning.

‘They seem totally oblivious to the risks as they play on the line, with one of them even resting his head on the third rail which is normally electrified.

‘If the power had been on, I have no doubt we would be dealing with a fatality.

‘They may have cheated death but now we want to talk to them about their reckless behaviour.”

‘Our message to the public is clear; stay off the tracks. The railway line is a dangerous environment with passing trains and electrified rails presenting real dangers.’