Shocking footage reveals Eastney beach '˜ruined' by fly-tipping

ONE of Portsmouth's beauty spots and the home of the RNLI has been left trashed by fly-tipping '“ with calls for a mass clean-up to fix the damage.

Monday, 13th August 2018, 10:43 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 10:05 pm
Piles of rubbish have been fly tipped at Eastney beach. Picture: Supplied

Eastney beach has been littered with rubbish across the shoreline, from plastic bags to bottles and even a couple of boats - all abandoned by thoughtless fly-tippers.

Environmental campaigners are horrified by the amount of rubbish '“ and now the community is taking action to rid the site of waste once and for all.

Bianca Carr from the Final Straw Solent campaign says that the amount of waste is '˜astonishing'.

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Piles of rubbish have been fly tipped at Eastney beach. Picture: Supplied

She said: '˜We first heard about what's happened on Friday last week.

'˜The mess down there is absolutely awful and is the result of people continuously using this spot to dump any rubbish they've got.

'˜Even people coming for picnics have been leaving rubbish here because it just adds to an already large pile.'

'˜There are fishing hooks, lines and so much more that's really dangerous.

The site is completely unusable at the moment; there's rubbish right up to the RNLI station '“ they work tirelessly and this is how we treat them in return. It's astonishing.'

Jacqui Hutchins, lifeboats operations manager for the RNLI, said: '˜One little boy I know was in tears when he saw it '“ it's a nice little beach for people to use and it has been absolutely ruined.

'˜I've never seen so much mess in one place, and it impacts us because should we have to do a shoreline search, there's the risk from broken glass as well as some of the bioharzards there.

'˜The plastic is washing into the sea and the birds are picking at it as well, so who knows what it's doing to them.

'˜I can't imagine who would do this sort of thing to what was a genuinely nice beauty spot.'

A clean-up of the beach has been organised for Saturday, August 25 '“ but it'll be all hands on deck to get everything sorted.

Bianca said: '˜We have to do something about this '“ with all the rubbish and waste down there it's a genuine emergency.'

Anyone interested in helping clean up the beach can turn up outside the Lifeboat Station at 10am.