shoes melted in live rail horror

You might have read my article about three children trapped under the live rail outside Portsmouth and Southsea signal box.

Saturday, 28th January 2017, 5:30 am

I was hoping they might still be living locally as the signalman who saved them, Cyril Bowers, has heard nothing from them since the incident in August 1971. How they survived is still a mystery to many railwaymen, several of whom have contacted me.

The little girl, Allison Power who now lives in Kent, got in touch. She says her red patent shoes melted. Allison has lost contact with her brother Darren who still lives in Portsmouth. Young Barry died some years ago sadly. If Darren reads this, please get in touch.

n In 1970 I went to the Isle of Wight Festival when an estimated 500,000 people turned up.

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The organisers made a big mistake by placing the stage facing the hill that surrounded the fenced-in ‘auditorium’. It gave all those, me included, a free view of the stage for free.

I’m sure Judy Collins sang Amazing Grace about 2am on Sunday morning. As she sang everyone on the hillside lit their lighters. In the dark it looked as though the hillside was covered in fireflies. It is one of my abiding memories.

But my pal tells me it was not Judy Collins, so can anyone confirm this story please?