Shooting stars are set to light up sky over Portsmouth again

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Shooting stars created by Halley’s Comet are set to light up Portsmouth’s night sky again tonight.

The comet, which is usually seen once every 75 years, is not due to make an appearance again until 2061.

But a trail of Halley’s cosmic dust is expected to be visible to the naked eye for the second night running.

Graham Bryant, chairman of the Hampshire Astronomical Group, which operates Clanfield Observatory, said that the display is likely to be visible from midnight.

‘To see it, people should keep well away from artificial light and buildings - you need a good clear sky to look at. The shooting stars will appear to originate from the Orion constellation, which will rise in the east at around midnight. To see the stars, look 45 degrees above the horizon over where Orion rises.

‘There should be no problem in seeing them - they will be very bright.’

A power problem caused snags in photographing the stars from the observatory last night, but group committee member Steve Bosley said that cameras had managed to capture the Orionid pictured here and shown in the short video at just past 1am on October 19.

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