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CUSTOMERS of CeX are being urged to change their passwords immediately after a cyber attack may have compromised the details of up to two million customers.

The breach in security has seen registered CeX customers’ first names, surnames, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers leaked to hackers.

CeX, which has a branch in Gosport High Street, has said that only a small amount of encrypted data from expired credit and debit cards may have been stolen. The high street retailer stopped storing card data in 2009, so any stored card payment information will now have expired.

Customers who have been directly affected by the cyber attack will be contacted directly, however, CeX and Action Fraud are advising customers to change their passwords for all online accounts as a precautionary measure.

CeX, which buys and sells second hand electrical goods, also owns the website

‘A sophisticated breach of security’

CeX has said that cyber security specialists are now reviewing the attack.

Managing director of CeX David Mullins said: ‘This was a sophisticated breach of security and we are working closely with the relevant authorities to help establish who was responsible.

‘Our cyber security specialists have already put in place additional advanced measures to fix the problem and prevent this from happening again.’