Shoppers get a shock as car ploughs into tree

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Shoppers were left stunned yesterday after a 4x4 collided with a tree in Portsmouth's Commercial Road - twice.

The car was in the pedestrianised precinct to drop off the burger van near Debenhams, at around 9.30am.

But eyewitnesses said that just after it uncoupled the van, the car crashed into the tree.

Louise Emery, who took this picture, said: 'He dropped off the van and then went head-first into a tree, reversed, then crashed back into it.

'The tree looked all right, but the 4x4 is completely smashed up at the front.

'We were getting some cash out at the time - it's completely unbelievable.'

Police cordoned off the scene, while the fire service was called to make the scene safe.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Police said: 'We got the call at 9.29am. It was a single vehicle incident, it was a 4x4 driving with a trailer that collided with a tree outside Debenhams.

'The male driver was taken to QA with minor injuries.

'There was damage to both the tree and the vehicle.'

'Police are not taking any action against the driver of the 4x4, who is in his 70s.

'It seems to have been just a simple accident,' the spokeswoman added.