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What are the latest whisperings from the world of showbiz? As usual, a host of famous types haven’t shied away from saying what they think, loud and clear

1. ‘I drove down, I picked her up... we used to sit in a Harvester car park and we just used to kiss, of course, and spend time together.’

David Beckham said he and wife Victoria used to meet up in car parks in the early days of their courtship to keep it under wraps.

2. ‘The first thing that came into my head was the children who arrive on these shores with hope in their hearts. It’s horrible. It’s divisive. I hope something changes and something can be done, because it really is terrible.’

Dev Patel was at the SAG Awards, speaking about Trump’s policy after flying to America from India.

3. ‘I’m sure [Ready Steady Cook] will be coming back. It’s too good a format for it to disappear in the ether. Times will change and things will come round again.’

Former Saturday Kitchen host James Martin has an inkling that the old cookery competition show is going to make a comeback.

4. ‘We are so happy to share the news that our beautiful baby boy was born on Sunday morning, 7lbs 11. Charlie and I are head over heels in love.’

The One Show host Alex Jones announced she had given birth to her first child.

5. ‘She came the next day and was desperate to meet him. She loved him. She lives nearby, which is really nice. They had lovely cuddles.’

Kimberley Walsh said her best friend and former Girls Aloud co-star Cheryl was enamoured with her newborn son, Cole.

6. ‘We had a number of people outside the building we were in with weapons. And the tribe we were with had to defend us as this other clan wanted to take us. There was a stand-off for 12 hours. We nearly had to be lifted out.’

Ross Kemp revealed he was trapped in a 12-hour armed stand-off as he filmed a new documentary in Libya.