Showing off the south’s muscle with Port Solent Mustang display

A classic Ford Mustang  Picture: Keith Woodland
A classic Ford Mustang Picture: Keith Woodland
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WHAT do Frank Bullitt, James Bond and Randall Raines all have in common?

The answer is a shared love of one of the world’s greatest muscle cars – the Ford Mustang.

This evening the South Coast Muzzers will be bringing their assortment of Mustangs down to Port Solent, showing off the car’s history in all its glory.

The event is one of Port Solent’s regular car meets, aimed at displaying some of the best classic cars and supercars from along the south coast.

Around 20 cars are expected to be making an appearance, with different model and owners.

Keith Ellis from the South Coast Muzzers owns a 1966 Ford Mustang, which he has restored himself.

He says that the Ford Mustang is a piece of classic car history, with the vehicle’s longevity serving as a testament to its success.

He said: ‘The Ford Mustang is one of the world’s most iconic cars – the shape is instantly recognisable.

‘When Port Solent invited us to come along, we were absolutely delighted.

‘We love our Ford Mustangs and love showing people the ins and outs of them.

‘My 1966 Ford Mustang is worth around £40,000 – there is a lot of restoration work that goes into these cars, but that is all part of the fun.’

Keith adds that the Ford Mustang is a timeless car, citing the different models that have come and gone over the years.

He said: ‘The fact that Ford has constantly designed new models of the Mustang shows just how iconic it is.

‘It is the pinnacle of American muscle, but has also evolved with the times.

‘They became popular from the films Bullitt and Gone in 60 Seconds, and have been a mainstay ever since.’

More recently, the Ford Mustang has been featured in the Fast and Furious and Transformers movie franchises.

Whether a Mustang resembling Bumble Bee’s design will be present at the event is unconfirmed.

The vehicles will be gathering between Wildwood and Watermark from 7.30pm-9pm.