Singing duo making waves in the US with their new dance tune

Amba Tremain
Amba Tremain
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TWO talented musicians who are the stars of a new song – that is making waves in the dance world – are certainly ‘singing out loud’ about their success.

Singers Devin-Jade, 16, and Amba Tremain, 36, both feature in the new single Sing Out Loud by dance act Deltiimo.

The stunned duo were only meant to record a demo version of the track, which would be used as a template for another artist to use.

However, producers were so impressed by the melodic pair’s sound that they hired them to sing in the song and perform in a music video.

And the new tune has gathered global attention in a matter of days, hitting number one in an international dance chart in the US and raking in thousands of views on YouTube.

Now the singing duo are calling on the people of Portsmouth to back their efforts and download the song in their bid for chart-topping glory in the UK.

Devin-Jade, from Portchester, was amazed by the record’s success so far.

The teen – who is set to begin studying music performance at South Downs College later this year – said: ‘It’s so exciting. All of my friends have been listening to it, they have been tweeting and saying they love the track.

‘I can’t believe how popular it’s been. It’s just amazing. I’m so grateful to be able to do stuff like this. It’s an incredible experience.’

The music video was record at Southsea’s Drift bar, in Palmerston Road, in front of a live audience.

The footage has since racked up almost 6,000 views in about a week since it appeared on YouTube.

Amba, of Havant, said it had been a fantastic and unexpected treat.

The singer – who is the musical director of Portsmouth-based Urban Vocal Group and has known Devin-Jade for years – often records demo tracks but was stunned when producers asked her and Devin-Jade to sing the song.

She said: ‘It’s a really, really warming feeling. It’s really nice that so many people love what we have done.

‘The song is a real ear worm and is very catchy. ‘

She added it was a great badge of honour to have Portsmouth featured so heavily in the new track.

The song is available to download on iTunes.