Slideshow: Beautiful Portsmouth

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They’re pictures that showcase perfectly the beauty of the Portsmouth area.

Sent to us by readers on our Facebook page, the photographs show scenes from the city and surrounding areas.

Picture by Maureen Coles

Picture by Maureen Coles

The favourite viewpoints are the harbour skyline and Southsea seafront, but the pictures equally show beauty in Gosport, Havant, Hayling and other communities in the area.

Our thanks to the following readers whose pictures are featured here:- Richard Davies, David Tansom, Danny Camfield, Pete Bodle, Maureen Coles, Patricia McCardle, Kim Pennell, John Gent, Darren Lingaloo, Neil Smith, Pier Powell, Robert Bertram Barnaby Stock, Pete Maguire, Gemma Sharpe, David Lynn, David Earls, Jane Osterholm, Amy Steel, Julie Hillier, Lloyd Richard, Bill Wright, Daniel Bishop, Jason Brodie-Brown, Georgia Sampshire, Richard Hudman, Lisa Webb, Ronnie Scarrott, Julie Louise, Jeremy Franklin, Bella Rose, Col Eames, Hellen Bach, Sam Buca Beale, Amanda Morby, Briony Emma, Carol Jenkinson, Lee Mason and Hannah Harris.

Music: Portsmouth (played by Adrian Brett via YouTube)