So where’s the logic in that?

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I read an interesting stat the other day that apparently 82 per cent of teenagers don’t ring the doorbell any more.

They either text or call the person inside to say that they’re outside.

Now, surely logic ought to tell them that texting or ringing someone takes at least a few finger swipes or presses on your phone using your finger or fingers. But it only takes one press of a button to make a doorbell work.

So is it that teenagers can’t make the effort to raise their arms to shoulder height to press the doorbell, or what?

University students in East Anglia are being offered the chance to catch up on sleep between lectures in a specially-designed napping centre where they can book a 40-minute sleep.

I despair of modern students, I really do. In the old days napping at university was easy. You just got so drunk at lunchtimes that you’d fall asleep in the student bar, no matter how loudly the music was playing or however many people were in there!

And whatever happened to sleeping during lectures, rather than between them? Shocking!

Queen guitarist Brian May is apparently thinking about standing as an independent MP at the general election, while Happy Mondays’ Bez has already announced that he’s going to be standing in the election as well.

It might seem like a strange idea at first, but here are a couple of reasons why rock stars or pop performers might be good on the campaign trail and in Parliament. Their gigging experience means they won’t be afraid of public speaking, as long as all they have to say is ‘We love you Glastonbury!’

They’ll be good at election campaigning, because that involves getting on a bus and visiting different places, which is just like touring.

Finally they’ve got massive houses and loads of money and are completely out of touch with reality, so that means they’ll be pretty much like most MPs.