Social media campaign is launched for Advent

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A CHURCH group has launched a social media campaign to help spread awareness of the meaning of Advent.

The Farlington parish, which is centred around the Church of the Resurrection in Drayton, is focusing on the themes of hope, peace, joy and love in each of the four Advent weeks leading up to Christmas.

Rector of Farlington the Reverend Paul Gully said he wanted people to tweet and share on Facebook the tag #AdventMeans with the theme for the week as well as a sentence or an image about what it means to them.

Mr Gully said: ‘The season of Advent is a time for making ourselves ready afresh for the arrival of Jesus Christ, but sadly it can all too easily get lost in the busyness of preparing for Christmas. We wanted to help share that the season is about so much more than chocolate Advent calendars.’

To find out more about the project visit the website