Society's in search of the paranormal

Ghastly goings-on at Wymering Manor converted at least one cynic at the Paranormal Research Society's research day.

The society took over the historic Cosham manor house last weekend for its annual showcase event, where attractions included tarot readers, mediums and ghost hunts.

Society leader Andy House said: 'It's something we do every year here. It gives people who are interested in the paranormal a chance to come along and find out more, even getting involved.

'We workshops where people could learn more about being a medium, and predictive skills such as the tarot, as well as a ghost hunt.

'Wymering Manor is a great venue for that.

'It's quite well known for tales of hauntings. It's a fascinating subject and although you can't say for certain there are definitely ghosts, I do believe there's something behind it.

'One man who went on the ghost hunt said he hadn't believed in ghosts but the hunt convinced him.

'I think most people who go with an open mind have an interesting time, at least.'

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