Solent swim cancelled because of weather

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A SOLENT swim challenge launched by the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and Anna Wardley was postponed because of strong winds.

The event has been rescheduled for the contingency date of Sunday, October 5.

In total, 21 swimmers from across the south of England were due to take the plunge yesterday morning to tackle the 2.5-nautical-mile course across the Solent from Stokes Bay to Ryde Sands on the Isle of Wight.

Anna Wardley, who last year swam non-stop around the Isle of Wight, explained: ‘The safety of the swimmers and our support crew has always been our number one priority.

‘We were receiving in-depth weather forecasts from our meteorologist, Simon Rowell, and the wind forecast has steadily worsened through last week.

‘With the forecast at 15-20 knots, gusting between five and seven knots more than that during the planned time of the swim, it meant it was not safe to go ahead.

‘In addition, the wave height was forecast to be 1.2 metres.’