Solicitors say time is running out to claim back care home fees

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IN recent weeks I have dealt with a number of families looking to reclaim care home fees. But there are many more who still don’t know they can make a claim, and time is running out.

It’s now less than two weeks until the deadline for beginning a claim for care home fees paid between April 2011 and March 2012, and if people don’t act soon they could be missing out on thousands of pounds.

Paying for care in a care home or at home for an elderly or disabled relative is expensive, but if that care is needed because of an accident, illness or injury, NHS funding could cover the cost.

I’ve met many families that have been forced to sell their homes to cover the cost of care, or even lost their life savings, when in fact they should not have been paying for care in the first place.

We have dealt with a large number of claims alread.

However, once the deadline of March 31 has passed it will be too late to claim, so I would urge families to seek legal advice now.

For more information people can contact the community health law team on 0800 157 7611, or