Son takes part in football tournament in memory of mum

IN MEMORY OF MUM Vanessa Cairns, Tilley Cairns and Ben Drewry pictured at Vanessa's home in Cosham. Picture: Allan Hutchings (131203-237)
IN MEMORY OF MUM Vanessa Cairns, Tilley Cairns and Ben Drewry pictured at Vanessa's home in Cosham. Picture: Allan Hutchings (131203-237)
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IN MEMORY of the mum he lost to cancer, Ben Drewry took part in a football tournament to raise money for charity.

Ben, 26, played in the final of the football tournament which was held at AFC Portchester’s ground.

The tournament aimed to raise money for Football For Cancer which helps Macmillan Cancer Support.

The tournament was a way that Ben could raise money for charity doing something he loved.

Ben took part in the event after his mum, Amanda Drewry, died from metastatic cancer.

Aged 47, Amanda’s cancer spread from her breast to other parts of her body.

Ben said: ‘The guys who arranged the tournament were really supportive throughout everything the family went through.

‘I wanted to show my support for the charities and I love all sport so it was a really good opportunity.

‘My mum was a fun, loving person and she never gave up.

‘She always had a smile on her face right to the end.

‘I think the tournament gave me the chance to focus on something else and stop moping about.

‘Obviously it’s sad but my mum would have wanted to see me happy and doing something I love.’

Amanda’s sister Vanessa Cairns and her daughter Tilley also helped raised money – but through a different fundraiser.

The pair, from Chatsworth Avenue, Cosham, walked from Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, to AFC Portchester’s ground.

Vanessa said: ‘We were so close as a family and we all wanted to do something in Amanda’s memory.

‘Like Ben, we wanted to give ourselves something else to focus on which would raise our spirits.

‘We always did things as a family and, by doing the walk we could be part of the tournament too.

‘She has such a big heart and she would have loved to join us in the walk and see Ben play.

‘But she was happy right until the day she passed so I think that helps us as a family.

Amanda was owner of Mancy’s Sandwich Shop in Copnor Road, Copnor, which she opened a few years ago.

She also made ‘sock monkeys’ while in hospital which helped keep her busy and her thoughts off the treatment.

Vanessa said: ‘The monkeys are something which Amanda started when she fell ill.

‘We are now selling them on Facebook and all the money is going to charity.

‘They are limited edition and all embroidered with an M for Mancy’s which was Amanda’s nickname.’