Songs, Bible stories and games during holidays

From left: Alex Woodruft, Isabel Ferguson, Ashton Nkire,  Maisy Hobbs and Cerys Davies enjoying the annual DABS event
From left: Alex Woodruft, Isabel Ferguson, Ashton Nkire, Maisy Hobbs and Cerys Davies enjoying the annual DABS event
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Sandra Edwards, Vicar of All Saints Church, Denmead is happy to welcome hundreds of children to annual church event

Every year we welcome hundreds of children and volunteers to come together for an action-packed few days at Denmead Junior School.

Denmead Activities and Bible School, or DABS as we like to call it, started in 1981, when 92 children met in the community centre for songs, Bible stories and games during the summer holidays.

After that successful first year we now meet every year.

We at the All Saints Church, in Hambledon Road, Denmead run DABS jointly with the Baptist and Roman Catholic churches in the area.

This year, we have had more than 210 children taking part, which is fantastic.

The children have been enjoying a variety of activities since Tuesday and with the last day of the event tomorrow.

We have decided to go with the theme of a ‘Big Top’ circus for this year’s activities.

We fill the four-day event with lots of fun activities, including a live worship band and action songs, craft activities, games, and Bible stories.

We have the team of volunteers to thank from DABS, as they are what makes it so extraordinary.

Many of our volunteers were among the first generation of children who came to the holiday club, and they now bring their own children.

There is a great family atmosphere to the club, because everyone is made to feel welcome, whether it’s their first time or their 30th.

We run DABS for the children and grandchildren of Denmead residents, and many of them have not had any involvement in church activities before.

DABS is a great way to introduce them to Christianity, because we finish the week with a service at All Saints to show the congregation more about DABS, and welcome the children into the church.

The numbers of children are so large. Some years we have more than 300 children attend, so we split them off into groups dependent on age after worship in the morning.

Then the activities they do can be tailored to their age groups, making it easier for them to make friends or meet up with friends from previous years.

On Sunday we are having a service at All Saints Church to celebrate all that we have done together this week.

We would love for you to join us. The festivities get under way at 10am.

It would be great to see some new and familiar faces there.

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