Sonic speeds in for Screwfix

Going Blue at Screwfix in Williams Road Portsmouth
Going Blue at Screwfix in Williams Road Portsmouth

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VIDEO game star Sonic the Hedgehog was helping out at Screwfix in Portsmouth yesterday.

The blue creature was a talking point as staff at the DIY store all dressed in blue and sold cakes for both customers and staff.

Buckets were also placed in the shop and around the area to encourage customers to make donations to the charity. And music was played to create a celebratory atmosphere.

Steve Whiteaway, manager of the store in Anchorage Park, is a big Pompey fan and was keen to get involved. ‘We have been promoting it all week,’ he said.

‘It’s a good way of getting involved in the community. It’s got a lot of staff energised. The team have made a real effort today. It’s been really good for the staff. It’s given them something different to come into work and look forward to.’