South Parade Trust launches online petition to save Portsmouth pier

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SOUTH Parade Trust has launched a petition calling on the council to save South Parade Pier.

Trust chairman Leon Reis said hopes were high the new Tory-run Portsmouth City Council would order the pier’s owners to repair the damaged structure.

He said: ‘There has been a long council failure to do its duty and protect this iconic building. We hope this will now change.

‘If the pier collapses it will scar the seafront unless it is demolished, which we know will cost about £4m.’

Mr Reis said he asked for permission to have the petition published on the council’s website, but was refused.

He said: ‘Officials claimed that repairing the pier was “a planning matter” which should not be debated by the elected representatives of the people in full council.

‘We have now been waiting a week for officials to advise us on how else we can bring this matter before elected councillors, but to no avail. It’s a funny sort of democracy.’

Mr Reis said the trust had planned a meeting with council leader, Donna Jones, as well as Portsmouth’s Ukip party, to discuss the pier.

The petition is at