Southsea artist displays personal freak head trauma journey in new exhibition

Artwork by Freya Perry
Artwork by Freya Perry

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By Ellie Williams-Brown

AN ARTIST is celebrating her recovery journey from a freak head trauma through an art exhibition.

Freya Perry from Southsea experienced a traumatic brain injury in 2014 when a ceramic sculpture fell on her head. She was left unconscious for over three hours as she was home alone.

Freya explained she used her art as a tool in her recovery, calling it her ‘saviour and therapy’.

Freya said: ‘Painting got me back to me and I’ve come alive again.’

‘I paint for my heart and soul.

‘It’s lovely to have it out there and to make people smile – then I feel I’ve done my job.’

The Guildhall Café has installed 30 of her paintings in an exhibition called ‘Riding on a Sunbeam - Life’s Journey’ which is open until Thursday, May 31.

She added: ‘Others have come forward to share their stories, even if they aren’t brain related [injuries], they use painting as an outlet for them.’

Visitors can visit the exhibition for free.

By Ellie Williams-Brown