Southsea family was ‘lucky to escape’ bedroom blaze

  • Teen and stepmother risk lives to tackle bedroom blaze
  • Fire believed to have been sparked by faulty halogen heater
  • Mother tells how her family was lucky to survive
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A HERO 14-year-old helped save his stepmother and four siblings after a fire erupted his bedroom in the early hours.

The boy was asleep in Southsea when a faulty halogen heater sparked a blaze in his room at 4.20am yesterday.

We tried to fight it but there wasn’t any chance

Shocked stepmother from Southsea

Within seconds the blaze had ripped through the converted loft of his home, in Cadnam Road.

The youngster, who is not being identified at the request of his family, recounted the terrifying ordeal and said he had no time to think – just to act.

‘I woke up because my feet were hot,’ said the schoolboy.

‘I looked down my bed and I could see my quilt was on fire.

‘I didn’t know how I felt, I was just full of adrenaline.’

The teen kicked off his blazing bedsheets and ran for the hatch which led downstairs.

He shouted and raised the alarm with his stepmother who quickly woke up the other children, four girls aged 12, 11 and 11 months.

The pair attempted to quell the flames using buckets of water in a desperate attempt to extinguish the blaze while the younger children fled.

The teenager’s stepmother said: ‘We couldn’t believe it.

‘The fire engulfed everything so quickly.

‘We tried to fight it but there wasn’t any chance. We’re lucky to be alive.

‘If the fire had spread to the hatch, my stepson may not have been able to get out. He was very brave.’

Fire crews from Southsea, along with paramedics and members of the Red Cross were soon on the scene.

The family watched on helplessly as firefighters, armed with high-pressure hose reels, tackled the flames.

The 32-year-old stay-at-home mum praised the teams for their professionalism.

‘The firefighters helped to save our lives,’ she said.

She added: ‘I think the cuts the firefighters are going through is diabolical.

‘They’re a public service and they’re helping to save lives. They’re amazing.’

The blaze caused significant heat and smoke damage to the loft.

It is believed to have been sparked by a faulty halogen heater bought two days before.

The family is now urging other homeowners to check their heaters are safe to use.