Southsea fire fighters called to garden blaze

Fire fighters were called to a blaze in Southsea
Fire fighters were called to a blaze in Southsea
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Southsea fire station were called out to a house fire in the early hours of this morning.

Three appliances went out to the house on Waverely road after receiving the call at 12.30am.

The fire had started in the front garden and then spread to the face of the building, but was confined to the garden and didn’t penetrate inside the house.

Crew manager Dave Wilcox advised that the fire was put out in under 10 minutes.

Dave said: ‘The fire was around 5 metres high and 6 to 7 metres wide but we managed to put it out quite quickly.’

The team believe that the occupier was trying to refurbish their house and had been disposing of old furniture by piling it up in the small space in front of their home.

The fire fighters who attended the site are unsure as to whether the items combusted or were set alight by someone.

After putting out the fire, the team stayed on site until around 2am, picking through bits of rubbish to make sure that it was safe to leave.