SOUTHSEA GREEN: A hidden gem

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I wandered into a pretty, hidden garden by Canoe Lake, about three years ago, on a friend's recommendation.  

I remember being enthralled by the quirky little space, full of things to look at, touch, hear and smell.

Three years on and I'm now one of the 'adopt-a-plotters', in partnership with my friend and our students.

Every time I walk through the brightly-coloured gates I get an immediate sense of peace. Surrounded by greenery, it's the perfect place to let your mind drift and forget about the daily grind.

Not only have I enjoyed meeting new friends and learning new skills, but the sense of satisfaction from seeing things grow has been great and at times hilarious (thinking our spring onions were prize-winning when they turned out to be... garlic.

Southsea Green offers a space to create, connect and enjoy the outdoors in our busy little city.

Why not come along and see us? If the gate is open you’ll always be welcome.

Vik is from Catch 22 Portsmouth.