Southsea Greenhouse

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So how many jumpers and scarves does it take to make a scarecrow?

Answer: loads – because we also need them for the poor freezing volunteers.

It’s getting autumnal but we are still here, mulching leaves, pulling up the old bean plants and making sketches of how we will reorganise the garden so more people can have a little plot in it.

Talking of scarves, we are collecting warm stuff for our ‘at home’ refugees who get advice at the You Trust in North End. I’ve donated my old fur sheepskin, but it’s a bit lonely on its own, so can you lovely people bring some more woollies to go with it? Leave with the Greens Cafe if we are not open or bag up and throw them over the gate.

Let us know if you’d love to have a mini-bed to grow some winter veg or just pop in and see us on Tuesday or Thursday mornings between 11am and 1pm or most Sundays, 1pm-3pm. Thanks to all our lovely volunteers who keep that gate open. When it’s not you know it’s because, it’s either raining or there are just not enough of us.

Come and help keep us open – (07530 913 211).