Southsea kitchen fire leads to safety warning

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FIREFIGHTERS are warning people to be careful when cooking after a fire in Southsea.

A crew from Southsea fire station were called to a home in St George’s Road, Old Portsmouth when a pan fire flared up at about 4pm yesterday.

Two firefighters in breathing apparatus were sent in to the terraced home as a precaution, but they were able to deal with the small fire quickly.

Crew manager Sid Grant said: ‘I don’t know the circumstances around this fire, but we were able to do with it swiftly, and after that there was only the need for us to do a bit of smoke clearance. However, we are quite frequently called to incidents where people have been distracted or tried to cook late at night after drinking and have left things on the hob. They can get out of control pretty quickly, so we would advise people to make sure they always pay close attention to anything on a lit stove.’

The fire service advises that if a pan does catch fire, turn off the heat if it’s safe to do so and if you are in any doubt about whether to put it out, leave the room, close the door and call 999.