Southsea mum who died in flat fall was battling depression

St Catherine Street in Southsea was sealed off by police after the incident
St Catherine Street in Southsea was sealed off by police after the incident
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A MOTHER died after plunging out of a third-storey window following a life-long battle with mental health.

Lisa Bacon threw herself from the window of her flat, at Clarendon Court, in Clarendon Road, Southsea, on the morning of February 12.

But an inquest into the 40-year-old’s death revealed she had told her mother she wanted to kill herself six days before.

The mum-of-two admitted to Jean Peacock she had wanted to leap from the window of her flat, which she lived in with her partner Andrew Bushen.

Portsmouth Coroners’ Court heard how Ms Bacon had previously attempted to take her own life on 15 occasions – with one attempt 13 years ago leaving her with severe back pain.

Mrs Peacock told the court how her daughter had been ‘looking forward’ to seeing her youngest child.

But during a call on the Monday before Ms Bacon’s death, she described how her daughter had been in a ‘dark place’.

‘She called me and she said “mum, I’m going to jump out of the window”. I took that seriously because of her previous attempts. I knew then she must have been in a dark place.’

She told the court there had been many ‘heartbreaking’ moments like that, adding: ‘We didn’t think she would reach 30. She was bored – bored of life.’

DC Rob Lowe, who investigated Ms Bacon’s death, gave a detailed account of the tragedy. He told the court how police had initially arrested Mr Bushen on suspicion of murder, but soon released him without charge.

On the morning of Ms Bacon’s death, he said she had sent a text message to Mr Bushen at 8.16am which simply read ‘xxx’.

Then just after 9.30am she fell from the window.

Despite the efforts of passers-by, police, paramedics and hospital staff, she was pronounced dead at Southampton General Hospital at 3.40pm later that day.

Forensic pathologist Basil Purdue conducted a post-mortem examination of Ms Bacon’s body.

He said she had been on a number of prescribed anti-depressant drugs, painkillers and anti-psychotic drugs when she died.

Dr Purdue told the court how Ms Bacon had received an ‘unsurvivable’ head injury, fracturing her skull when she fell and causing significant internal injury. He added the skull fracture would have rendered her immediately unconscious and she would have ‘felt no pain’.

‘Lisa’s death was clearly the result of her injuries which were entirely consistent with a fall from a substantial height,’ he said.

‘There were no features to suggest she had been involved in a fight or a struggle or that she had been involved in grappling in the period leading up to her death.’

Coroner David Horsley concluded Ms Bacon took her own life while suffering from long-term severe mental health issues.

He said: ‘The picture I’m getting is of a poor lady who has suffered with mental health problems dating back into her childhood.

‘I think the drug-taking probably stems from those mental health problems – I think that’s the underlying feature throughout.

‘Her whole life has been suffering and this was the culmination of it. I don’t want to say that she has just taken her own life, because I think in fairness to her and to all her family I have got to recognise her mental health problems.’