Southsea nightclub keeps licence thanks to new measures

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A nightclub has been allowed to keep its licence after introducing new security measures following a violent attack.

Scandals in Hampshire Terrace, Southsea, was closed for a week earlier this month after a man was hit over the head with a bottle inside the premises.

It was feared the cellar bar could lose its licence completely after police called for a review.

But after taking steps to improve security and prevent alcohol-related crime, Portsmouth City Council agreed to allow the bar to keep its licence with the new conditions.

The nightclub has stopped selling shots and spirits without mixers, has reviewed its CCTV and is adding a new camera outside.

It will also no longer sell alcohol in glass bottles.

Owner Noureddine Mansour is also investing 6,000 in a system to scan drinkers' ID before they are allowed entry and is joining the city's Pubwatch and radio link schemes.

He said: 'The police have got a job to do. Their main concern is the safety of the public and ensuring licensees run their businesses properly. I fully support them and will continue to work with them. Scandals is the oldest club in town and it is very popular with the people of Portsmouth. It's an institution. People love to go there. I hope Scandals will be here for many years.'

Sergeant Wendie Douglas, of the city's alcohol-related violent crime reduction team, said: 'Mr Mansour has responded and reacted quickly and effectively by addressing our concerns and has implemented a number of measures to bring his premises to the standard we expect to see.'