Southsea road closed after man makes threats to police

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A SOUTHSEA road has been cordoned off while police deal with a man threatening to attack them.

Two police cars and an ambulance are at the scene of the incident in Alhambra Road, Southsea.

Residents say a man is leaning out of the window of his third-floor flat shouting abuse.

Emergency services are trying to calm him down and the top of the road has been cordoned off while they deal with the situation.

Stuart Anderson, who lives in nearby Alhambra Court, was travelling home from work on his bike when he saw that his road had been blocked off.

‘I wasn’t able to get home and I had to stop at the end of my road,’ he said.

‘A policeman was there and he said you can’t get into the road at the moment because something is happening.

‘I could see the man and hear him.

‘I couldn’t really understand what he was saying.

‘He was just leaning out of his window. I just wanted to get home.’