Southsea skate park set to reopen

Claire Sambrook
Claire Sambrook

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A POPULAR skate park will be reopened under new management this week, in a bid to spruce up the site which has become famous around the world.

Southsea Skate Park is currently owned by Portsmouth City Council, but on April 1, the park will officially be handed over to a new charity, called Southsea Skate Park.

It means a group of trustees will make decisions about the running of the park and will take sole responsibility, instead of having to contact the council on a regular basis.

The new owners are gearing up to host an opening weekend on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3.

Claire Sambrook, a trustee of Southsea Skatepark, said: ‘It’s like a new start for the skate park.

‘It’s really about how we can take the skate park forward and get more users in and run more workshops and basically give it more of a community feel.

‘It’s so well known throughout the world. It’s very popular.

‘One of the things with skateboarding is that throughout the world it’s synonymous with helping a lot of kids get out of trouble.’

Skateboarder Tony Hawk, who has pledged his support for the park, said: ‘Southsea is an iconic skate park in the UK, and is legendary throughout the world for standing the test of time.

‘I am one of the few who skated it in its original design, and I support every move to improve it and keep it contemporary to modern skating.’

Around 20 posters have been created by students from around the area, advertising the reopening of the park.

Over the weekend there will be various games, competitions and musical performances taking place to celebrate the reopening of the park.

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