Southsea streets are filled with music for annual festival

PASSION Out Time Down Here play their set
PASSION Out Time Down Here play their set
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MORE than 100 acts made this weekend’s Southsea Fest an event to remember.

Centred around Albert Road, the event gave music lovers of all genres something to enjoy, from country folk in the One Eyed Dog to punk in The Vaults and pop in The Fat Fox.

UKELELE Huw Olesker and the Barebackers

UKELELE Huw Olesker and the Barebackers

It was the sixth event of its kind, and thousands of people gathered at the festival’s stages to watch the wide range of acts.

Attending the festival was a first for Andy Dobbs and his wife Tracey who live in Exmouth Road, Southsea.

Andy, 42, said: ‘It’s amazing to have something like this on your doorstep.

‘The bands are so good and diverse which is great.

‘We saw a heavy punk band then a chilled out female singer who played an acoustic set straight afterwords. It was just brilliant to have so much variety.’

Tracey, 44, added: ‘I never realised how many bands there were in Portsmouth.

‘It’s great that they have the opportunity to have a platform like this and hopefully it will help them move onto bigger things.’

Phil Crawford is a regular at the festival.

This year was no different when he went with friends Rob Day and Goff Reid.

The 21-year-old, of Adames Road, Fratton, said: ‘I love the fact that you can just wander down the street and go into a pub and catch a band.

‘And there’s so many on that you know you’ll see one you’ve never heard of before and discover something new.

‘It’s a great event for the city because it showcases what we have going on here musically and it shows that Southsea is a good place for bands to play.’

For some bands, the event was the perfect home gig.

Tom McGibben, of Haslemere Road, Southsea, performed with his indie folk band Day Of The Rabblement in The Vaults.

The 27-year-old banjo player said: ‘It was a good gig with a nice crowd.

‘I was surprised at how busy it was because we were on at midday, but loads of people made the effort to come down early and it ended up being packed.

‘We’ve been doing a lots of gigs over the summer so this was a nice one to finish on.’