Southsea ‘Tweeter’ Mitu wins bid to see Nasa’s last ever space shuttle launch

Mitu Khandaker
Mitu Khandaker
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A SOUTHSEA ‘tweeter’ has been chosen to visit the last space shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center.

Mitu Khandaker, 27, was one of 150 people selected by Nasa to make the once-in-a-lifetime trip for tomorrow’s launch.

She had taken part in a 24-hour lottery system on social network website Twitter at the beginning of last month along with 6,000 other hopefuls.

Joining Mitu will be representatives from 44 American states, Australia, Japan, France and the UK.

She will tour the space centre, make an up-close visit to the launch pad, and wave at Atlantis’ crew members on their drive to the launch pad.

Mitu, a PhD video game developer at Portsmouth University, said: ‘I am absolutely stunned to have been selected.

‘It’s an incredible honour, especially since this will be the last ever voyage of the space shuttle program.

‘I’ve been a massive space fan my entire life, and always dreamed of being an astronaut, so this will probably be the closest I’ll ever get.’

‘Being invited to the Nasa Tweetup will mean I’ll get to meet people who make the space shuttle program successful and Tweetup attendees who share my interest in Nasa.’

Mitu, from Southsea, will share her experiences of the trip with photos and videos. No stranger to adventure, the Portsmouth graduate climbed the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro last year to raise money for her charity, Arohon, which tackles poverty overseas.

She also writes a blog about science and space travel.