Southsea Wetherspoons reveals £2m plan to open a hotel on its upper floors 

The Lord Palmerston pub in Palmerston Road, Southsea.
The Lord Palmerston pub in Palmerston Road, Southsea.
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NEW JOBS could be created in Southsea if a £2m hotel project is approved, but nearby residents have mixed feelings.

JD Wetherspoon PLC has submitted an application to transform the unused upper floors of The Lord Palmerston pub in Southsea into a 24-bed hotel with a first-floor roof terrace.

The company says the venue could create 15 new jobs. Eddie Gershon, a spokesman for Wetherspoons, said: 'We are keen to add a hotel to our pub, The Lord Palmerston, in Palmerston Road.

'Our aim is to invest £2m in the project and create up to 15 new jobs.

'We believe the hotel would be an asset to the pub and the town itself and also act as a catalyst for other businesses to invest in the area.'

A previous application made to Portsmouth City Council was turned down due to concerns surrounding noise and parking.

One neighbour believed this was still an issue with the latest application. In her objection Susan Lloyd, of Ashby Place, said: 'In response to anyone saying that residents should expect a high level of noise and that we live far enough away, this is absolute nonsense.

'I did not buy my property with the anticipation that there would be a pub beer garden overlooking it and within 100 feet of my house. My children's bedrooms should not be overlooked by a pub terrace.'

However, Parkstone Avenue homeowner, Robert Godsell, supported the scheme. 'It is vital that empty premises are brought back into use if Palmerston Road is to survive,' he said.

'Wetherspoons has already successfully and tastefully brought the ground floor of this building back to a format popular with young and old.

'This area is mixed use residential, retail & leisure. Residents must expect a higher level of activity and associated noise compared with a purely residential neighbourhood.'

A new lift will be installed in the building if the application is successful and Wetherspoons has agreed that the terrace will close at 9pm every day to avoid disturbance.