Special day to spread goodwill in Portsmouth

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Portsmouth residents are being encouraged to spread some extra festive cheer this Friday, as the city celebrates its sixth annual Goodwill Day.

The celebration was founded by former councillor James Williams in 2010 and aims to encourage people to extend friendship and neighbourliness to others in the community who are less fortunate and can be overlooked.

It can be anything from helping a neighbour, visiting someone for a chat or making a cup of tea.

Portsmouth City Council Leader Cllr Donna Jones said: ‘Goodwill Day is a great opportunity to highlight how the tiniest gesture of kindness can really make a big difference to people.

‘Most people will do good deeds every day without even thinking about it but hopefully this can raise some awareness of how easy it is to brighten someone’s day and making an extra effort on December 18 can encourage people to be that little bit more thoughtful all of the time.’

People can make their goodwill pledges on the council’s official Facebook page.