Spinnaker Tower to go yellow for missing sailor

Son saved by hero after A27 crash

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THE Spinnaker Tower is set to glow yellow this Sunday in a Father’s Day tribute to missing sailor Timmy MacColl.

The dad-of-two from Gosport disappeared in Dubai while he was visiting with his ship HMS Westminster on May 27.

Family, friends and supporters, who can be seen wearing yellow ribbons to raise public awareness about Timmy, hope the tower can boost their campaign with its spectacular illuminations.

Yellow ribbons have also been tied around trees near Timmy’s home in Gosport.

The 27-year-old was last seen getting into a taxi after a night out in Dubai.

As previously reported in The News, Timmy was put into a taxi by friends at 2am on Sunday May 27, who asked the driver to take him back to the ship and gave the driver money for the fare upfront.

But the sailor never made it back to his warship and was reported missing the following morning.

His family, including his pregnant wife Rachael, are desperate for news and Timmy’s uncle-in-law has been in Dubai this week to retrace the sailor’s steps.

More than 100,000 people have now joined a Facebook group aimed at finding Timmy and thousands of people have written comments in support of his devastated family.

Claire Redstone, who said she works at the Rowner Community Trust at the Nimrod Community Centre, wrote yesterday: ‘I have a husband in the navy and I first read about Timmy the night before he was due to come home on a week’s RnR.

‘I sat thinking how I would feel if the knock at the door never came.

‘My heart goes out to Rachael, you are an amazing woman with amazing strength.

‘Before my husband returned to sea yesterday we went for a drive and we where stunned at the yellow ribbons tie around trees and on doors and tears ran down my face, it was a sign of a community united as one.

‘I hope from the very bottom of my heart that Timmy comes home soon to you all.’

Irene Trew said: ‘Bring Timmy home to be with his family who love him so much.

‘I feel for them every day, my prayers are with you all at this time.’

Reacting to the news about Spinnaker Tower, another campaign supporter, Huw Davis, said: ‘Well done Spinnaker Tower, really hope we can get them to light it again to celebrate when he comes home.’