St Francis is known as the first environmentalist

Rev Jonathan Jeffery said all are welcome to St Francis' Feast
Rev Jonathan Jeffery said all are welcome to St Francis' Feast
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HARVEST is a traditional time for Christians to say thank you to God for so many good things from the earth.

At St Francis Church, Leigh Park the thank yous are big and sustained.

The beginning of October sees a series of celebrations that mark a special time in the life of this church.

The church is dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi, who is known as the world’s favourite saint.

St Francis was famed for his love of all God’s creation, be it plants, animals or people.

Although he lived more than 800 years ago he was seen as the first environmental campaigner.

He called upon people to respect the planet and all that is in it.

St Francis actually went further, calling all the different parts of God’s creation his brothers and sisters.

He saw an affinity and connectedness to all of nature.

He also saw all people as a vital part of creation, and demonstrated this by giving his life in service to the poor.

Saint Francis died on October 3, 1226 and St Francis Church, Leigh Park, is celebrating his Feast from 10am on Sunday with a service, a visiting preacher and a bring and share reception. All are welcome.

A week later and the church will be in Harvest mode.

St Francis will be sharing their harvest supper on Saturday, October 7 with Christians from St Clare’s Church at Warren Park.

There will be a tasty menu, laughter, entertainment and music.

The thank-you continues in church on October 8 at 10am with the harvest festival.

In gratitude for all God’s goodness, the church donates items for the Leigh Park FoodBank and collects money for WaterAid, to provide clean water in Africa.

It is great to have these opportunities to say thank you.

It feels like we receive so much from God, that it is only right to stop, pause and say thank you in practical ways that show God’s love in our community.

Everyone is welcome to come and join the celebrations which remind us of the place of the church alongside those in its community and all those in need.

St Francis Church is in Riders Lane, Leigh Park.

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